 IT and computer consultants
 Software developers
 Software resellers
 Systems integrators
 Hardware manufacturers and assemblers
 Hardware re-sellers
 Hardware maintenance, service and repair
 SCADA/PLC developers
 Facilities management, outsourcing and
BPO companies
 Data warehousing companies
 Application service providers
 Web hosting
 Telecommunications services
 Network consulting services
 Internet service providers
 Internet services e.g. web designers
 Call centres
 Systems and data processing services
 Education and training organisations

Security management services 

Process control 

IT recruitment, placement and hire companies 

Financially distressed companies 

Medical diagnostic systems 

Share trading systems 

Products used in aircraft and watercraft

Tech Product Risk Profile

Example of risks

• Defamation;
• Fraud & Dishonesty of Employees;
• Damage and Destruction of Data and Documents;
• Continuous Cover

• Contractors;
• Breaches of the Trade Practices Act;
• Mitigation of Loss;
• Product Recall Expense;
• Breach of Intellectual Property inc. Patent;
• Court Attendance Costs;
• Automatic Newly Acquired Entity or Subsidiary Cover;
• Claims Mitigation Costs.

Tech Product Insurance Solutions

Contractual Liability

Professional Indemnity incl Errors & Omission causing financial loss, intellectual property infringement liability, media liability, privacy liability and privacy remediation expense.

Public & Products Liability Insurance

Management Liability incl D & O

Marine Transit Insurance

Product Recall Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Tax Audit

Machinery Breakdown

Motor Fleet

Workers Compensation Management

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